October Competition winners!

Congratulations to:

Gabrielle Ward, for winning a set of Notebook Doodles colouring books!

Sharon Williams, Seren Scott and Kia-Marie Saunders who each win a copy of TERMINAL by Kathy and Brendan Reichs

Samantha Denning, Carys Thurlby and Laura Harrison who each win a copy of Paula Harrison’s THE SKY UNICORN

Alpha Sunny, Abiya Joshy and Charlotte Cooling who are the lucky winners of Paula’s other book DARK TREE SHINING

and finally…!

Carol De Brikasaan, Jade Dawes and Samantha Denning who will be receiving a copy of SNOWBALL THE BABY BIGFOOT by Ruth Symes

Whew! We hope you all enjoy your books – and if you do, please leave the authors a review somewhere online if you can (Amazon is the most popular) – all authors really appreciate a kind word from their readers!

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