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A Way with Words

I saw this poster* on Facebook and was pretty amazed –


(* click on it to see it bigger – )

Did you know he was responsible for coining all of these?  I knew “brave new world” was his because I love The Tempest, but that’s about it!  Have a look – can you beat my 1?

Shakespeare … what a guy!

8 thoughts on “A Way with Words

  1. Oops! 0 and I’ve read several of his books! Were these the actual words or have they been translated into modern English? Reading Shakespeare always felt like reading in a foreign language 😉

  2. I checked a couple and they’re pretty much straight from the horse’s mouth – Knock, knock, who’s there? is from Macbeth, and Set your teeth on edge is in Winter’s Tale. Have to stop, though – if I follow up all of them, I’ll get no writing of my own done today, but he really could turn a phrase, couldn’t he!

  3. I knew ‘Brave new world’ from The Tempest too, but that’s the only one, and it often comes up in lists of Shakespeare quotes that have become the titles of books and plays. …but the others just sound like common coinage. Amazing.

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