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Ducks and Cake

I write two blogs a month for different blogging sites. Today is the 5th so I’m HERE at Girls Heart Books. Yay!

On the 26th of every month I’m HERE, blogging for An Awfully Big Blog Adventure. Yay again!

I’m not known for my silence. I’ve pretty much got something to say about everything but, for some reason, this month I struggled to come up with anything to talk about. My last ABBA post (Are You a Lemon or A Passion Fruit?) scored a big fat duck with the readers.


Yup. Zero comments. I was mortified. I must try harder to write something interesting, I told myself. And of course, my brain responded by freezing. Long walks in the glorious autumn sunshine, trips around the world via the internet, trawling through books did nothing to provide me with the inspiration for a new GHB post.

I needed cake and trust me, the large butterfly cake liberally spread with vanilla buttercream was very comforting. Better still, it was the answer to my blogging problem.

I’ll blog about CAKE.

Who’s watching Bake Off? It’s the finals on Wednesday and I can hardly wait. Trouble is I want all three of the finalists, Ian, Nadiya and Tamal, to win – plus Flora, who sadly went out in last week’s semi-finals.

By a strange coincidence, while I was munching my way through butterfly cake, I read some exciting news. Remember Martha from last year? The lovely, talented Martha Collison was The Great British Bake Off’s youngest ever contestant. Well, HarperCollins has just acquired her first cookbook, Twist.

CONGRATULATIONS Martha and if you fancy a guest blog spot here on GHB, to talk about Twist, then email me now, Julie at 😉

Then, I remembered something else. Tomorrow, a very good friend of mine is having a special birthday.


Happy Birthday. I can’t wait to see you and celebrate with a slice of CAKE.

But, I digress. Back to GBBO. It’s the finals Wednesday. Will you be watching? Who do you want to win?


9 thoughts on “Ducks and Cake

  1. Sometimes a lovely post doesn’t get comments because it seems complete in itself. It’s when people disagree that they comment the most! Hmm, why am I posting this comment…? I remember, it’s because I’ve a terrible admission to make. I’ve never, ever watched Great British Bake Off! There. Got that off my chest…

    • Thanks Emma.That makes me feel better.

      I only got into Bake Off last year. I love cooking but didn’t think that watching other people bake cakes could be interesting. Turns out I was wrong! It’s weirdly addictive.

      But if we’re getting stuff off our chest…I’ve never watched strictly! 😉

  2. I can relate to that sinking feeling when you score a duck with your post. Emma’s words are very comforting – thank’s Emma. I too have never watched GBBO but I am , using a friends recipe book, making a lemon cake for every month of this year. last month’s was a roulade which was so hard and this month its Lemon and courgette cake!

  3. That’s awesome but why lemons? Apart from them making VERY nice cakes, of course!

    Lemon and courgette sounds very interesting, One of my all time favourite recipes is Nigella’s lemon meringue fool. It’s SO easy to make and tastes delicious.

  4. Who doesn’t like Bake-off?!!! OF COURSE I and my family watch it! I’m mainly rooting for Tamal or Nadiya to win, but I think the competition had been amazing this year.
    I loved Martha last year, will definitely be looking out for her cookbook!
    And also, I think the Finals are on Wednesday… Not tomorrow 😉

  5. I love the Bake Off. Wednesday, not tomorrow! I dunno. Ian was so consistently brilliant through the early rounds, but I think he peaked too early. I wasn’t very impressed by any of the showstoppers last week – the chocolate 3D creation thing. I’m happy to keep an open mind in the final – whoever does the best on the day deserves to win! But I do miss lovely Flora!

    YOU’VE NEVER WATCHED STRICTLY???! What is WRONG with you??! 😉

  6. Thanks Hazel and Jo! Of course it’s Wednesday. I’ve corrected it now. TOMORROW is friend’s special birthday.
    I agree with the semi finals showstoppers, Jo. They were disappointing. I miss Flora, too.

    I know Strictly is BIG but for me it’s not got the hook. Strictly cake would do it 😉

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