A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Something rather exciting has happened to me over the last month.

It’s been announced that I am one of the eleven authors who have been chosen to write one of the 2016 World Book Day books.


Even more exciting, my book is set in the Star Wars universe!

Wahoo x 2!

I’m still pinching myself. I was asked if I wanted to write it back in Spring and had to wait all of, ooh, five seconds before answering. Actually it was more like two!

Write a Star Wars adventure? OF COURSE, I WANT TO!

And so Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space was born. I was sworn to secrecy, and wasn’t allowed to tell a soul. You have no idea how difficult it was, especially when people popped around to see me and saw that this lot had appeared on my bookcase suddenly.

Star Wars Books

Well, to be honest, I’ve had most of those for a while, but needed them handy for reference.

But now the Jawa is out of the bag, and the following description has appeared on the World Book Day website.

When their parents are captured by the evil Galactic Empire, brother and sister Milo and Lina Graf must set out on an epic quest to free them. Menaced by Imperial agents, bounty hunters, and gangsters, they will have to travel across the galaxy uncovering clues to rescue their parents and aid the Rebellion in the fight against the Empire…

Who exactly are Milo and Lina? Well, I’ll have to remain tight-lipped for a little while longer, but rest assured, I’ll make sure that Girls Heart Books readers are among the first to know.

Until then, may the Force be with you!

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