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If you go down to the woods…

dark trees

Tomorrow is the launch of DARK TREE SHINING the second book in my RED MOON RISING series. The Thorn tribe with their power over plants and trees play a large part in this story. They’re generally a calm and unruffled group of people, very different from Laney (the main character) whose moods change like water. But the Shadow has returned, determined to steal the Myricals which contain each tribes power. It isn’t enough for the Thorns to keep away from the action anymore.

There have been forests around for hundreds of thousands of years and they’re embedded into our folklore and fairy tales from the wood where Hansel and Gretel become lost to the one where Snow White meets the dwarves. They’re a place of witches, talking trees and superstition. They’re a place where reason vanishes and magic reigns. So it’s been wonderful to use the power of that tradition in DARK TREE SHINING. To celebrate I’ve put up some of my favourite wood pictures – enjoy!

autumn 2 yellow leaves trunk trunk shadows toadstools toadstools 2 sun stump stowe sky branches shadows light path light on leaves light on branches Laney's tree frost fallen tree bluebells

dark tree shining

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