Into the Woods



A huge woodland sits behind my house. Deer, foxes, badgers, weasels, owls, bats and more are frequent visitors here. It’s my inspiration and natural themes appear in much of my writing and artwork.


I walk in the woods daily, and feel the tiny shifts in the seasons. Today, under the birch trees, leaves fell like yellow confetti. Squirrels crashed noisily from branch to branch, their fat bottoms swinging cheekily as they grabbed nuts and seeds.


I collected pockets full of acorn cups to use in my felting, and gathered nutmeg brown sweet chestnut leaves to use for papercuts. I never grew out of collecting treasures from nature walks – and now it is part of my job!



I am writing a new series about tiny nature spirits that live in the woods, battling to keep their home safe from threats, and protecting the animals.  I couldn’t keep the forest out of my work even if I wanted to – the 360 hectares of green is like a sea of leaves that laps against my house. I feel it when I can’t see it. My study looks out at trees. In my attic bedroom, I have the windows open even in the cold months so I can listen to the call of owls and shriek of foxes. The swirl of the wind in the trees lulls me to sleep. The song of the forest sings through my work, and lights my creative flame.

sycamore spirit

What inspires you? Is it a place? A time? Whatever it is, I hope it brings you as much joy as my forest brings me.

3 thoughts on “Into the Woods

  1. Hi Lynn, I just have to do this:

    ‘Into the woods it’s time to go, into the woods to find the past, into the woods to find the future,’

    That’s from the musical, Into The Woods, my FAV film. When I read the title, I thought that’s what this post was going to be about, but your post is SO much better!

    I LOVE the woods, you’re really lucky to be able to go into the woods everyday. To me, woods and forests are magical, and you never know what lies in them. 😀

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