I had a wonderful trip to Lee-on-the Solent P1030213on the English south coast, near Portsmouth last week and went to the Hovercraft Museum there. Hovercrafts were a British invention and used to cross water, especially across the English Channel and to get to the Isla of Wight. They ‘floated’ on a cushion of air and were driven by very loud motors with propellers. Hovercrafts are no longer in use but seeing them reminded me of several times I’d been on them. they were fast, bumpy and very noisy.

I’m working on a book set in the 1930s so I am doing a shed-load of research at the moment – and loving it. The internet is so useful and I have contacted libraries. Librarians are brilliant people and know all sorts of things and have been really helpful.

Programme Front 2015 2At the end of this month I am going to be at the Denzel Bookfest in Altrincham near Manchester which I am really looking forward to. Find out more at http://bit.ly/1ORqwDx

Meanwhile, enjoy your day and keep your eyes open for interesting things that might be useful to write about!



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