I have two weeks to finish writing my current book. TWO WEEKS, PEOPLE!

I still have a lot to write. Which obviously equals ANXIETY DREAMS!!

Last night’s was very peculiar. I was in Los Angeles (never been), where I met up with my old school friends Alison and Yulinda (nope, neither of them live there). I’d got us all tickets to see ‘Mamma Mia‘ onstage (??), and we were late.

So Alison ordered a taxi, but instead three motorbikes turned up, and we hopped on behind a driver. Alison and Yulinda’s bikes zoomed off, but mine got stopped at every red light, and fell behind. The other problem was, I found it VERY hard to keep my balance because I was clutching my daughter’s oversized polka dot dressing gown. (Er…)

Oh, boy, I’ll be SO relieved when this book is finished, and I can go back to nice, calm, fluffy dreams…

pink fluffy unicorns

What’s YOUR anxiety dream? Got any crazy ones to share?? Hope so – don’t let me be anxious and crazy-around-the-edges on my own…

Karen McCombie :c)

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