Who are you exactly?

As an author I’m forever filling in character outlines for the lovely (and sometimes absolutely horrible and downright dastardly) characters I create. It’s an easy and fun thing to do. I decide what their names are, what they like, what they don’t like. What irritates them, makes them happy, scares them, what makes them cry. Who they are, what they do, where they live, how they speak, and on and on it goes. You get the picture?

Anyway, I am forty-two years ancient and it suddenly occurred to me how much harder it would be to fill out a character sheet for myself. I mean of course I could make one up and say that I am absolutely fantastic at everything in addition to being incredibly beautiful and in short AMAZING but what if I had to actually be honest. Gulp.

So I tried it…

Name: Ha ha! Easy. My parents did this bit for me. *Fist pump*. I was named after a song. People regularly sing this song right into my face when they meet me. Which is nice.

What I like: My obsession confession is sea glass. I love it. It started with a tiny piece of watery green glass and has turned into a house full. Pretty soon my husband will have to move out to make space for my sea glass collection – the dog can stay. I love it so much I’ve even written a YA book called… um…. you guessed it…. Seaglass. I’ve squashed the words together to try to hide my obsession. It’s worked right? I’m also writing a YA called Gaslight but I’m not collecting lamps. Yet.

What I don’t like: Selfishness – though people usually have a reason for being selfish so I can’t hate them. Bullies – though bullies are usually sad so I can’t hate them. Boring stuff – the list is long so I won’t bore you with it here but it includes queueing, food shopping, tidying … yawn, dribble.

What irritates me: Being disturbed when I’m reading a book. It drives me MAD. When I have a book as good as Lu Hersey’s ‘Deep Water’, Rhian Ivory’s ‘The Boy Who Drew the Future’, Sharon Tregenza’s ‘The Shiver Stone’ or Sarah Crossan’s ‘Apple and Rain’ in front of me I just want the world to go away please. I have been known to become very stroppy if the world doesn’t oblige. Please take note world. Thank you in advance.

What makes me happy: My niece who is ten and thinks that everything I do is ‘awkward’.

What scares me: Spiders. Sorry spiders. I’m all for animal rights but you have to be caught in a glass and taken far, far away from my house. Also earwigs, worms, most other crawly and squirmy type things. Bleurch. Shudder.

What makes me cry: Cruelty. Unless carrying spiders miles away from your house counts as cruelty.

The list is longer than this but if I drone on for too long I’ll have to add it to the boring stuff that makes me yawn and dribble and I get the feeling you may already be snoring into your screen. So I’ll wrap up – which in Wales also means shut up. At least it does in my family.

Some questions about myself were easy to fill in. Some of them were harder. It’s hard, even now, to admit that green is my favourite colour because in primary school everyone said I liked the colour of snot. You’re right I need to get a life but I guess the point I’m making is that all of us are interesting in our own way and sometimes it helps to write things down to know exactly who you are.

Why don’t you try it? Start with NAME. It’s easy….

5 thoughts on “Who are you exactly?

  1. I’ve sometimes thought about filling out a sheet for myself but then I’ve just forgotten about it. But maybe I should give it a try. It might even be good practice before I have to start filling out sheets for my next bunch of characters. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I’ll do it for my cat. 😀

    Name: Sophie Sapphire

    What she likes: Sniffing the ground, and telling off birds, but not chasing them, or getting near them.

    What she hates: Human and cat Men, and being picked up.

    She is a VERY odd cat. (Much like her mother: Me.) 😛

  3. So that’s where all the sea glass went! Lovely post made me laugh and I agree there is nothing worse than being disturbed when you’re reading. I hate it when the cold water tap drips on my toes when I’m having a bath and I cannot bear it when people scratch their nylon tights!!

  4. I did this when I wrote the book about myself for one of my challenges last year. I quickly decided I was a boring character and turned myself into someone else. My dislike for people in flip flops also became disturbingly apparent! 😀

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