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31HbEu4WykL._UX250_This week’s guest blogger is no stranger to Girls Heart Books. It’s the lovely Pippa Goodhart, author of over eighty books for children, and one adult novel. She’s been shortlisted for numerous awards and won Mumsnet’s Book of the Year for 3-4 Year Olds with her picture book ‘You Choose’, illustrated by Nick Sharratt. Pippa also writes the Winnie the Witch storybooks under the name of Laura Owen. Pippa’s here to tell us about her latest book, A Dog Called Flow. Over to you , Pippa. 

Books Would you ever secretly get yourself a pet when your parents have said ‘no’ to getting one? I’m sure that you’re all far too good to contemplate doing such a thing! But Oliver in this story does exactly that. He really really really wants a dog. His mum and dad have said ‘no’ to that, partly because they’re cross that he’s got into trouble at school. So Oliver goes and chooses a funny lovely little sheep dog puppy from a local farm, takes it home and tries to keep it secret … But how long can you keep a puppy secret, do you think? Hmm. You’ll just have to read the book if you want to find out what happens!

What I want to confess to you here is that I did something a bit similar many years ago, but with a hamster. I must have been about twelve. We’d had hamsters before, so we had a cage somewhere in the garage. Anyway, I decided that I really wanted another hamster – a sweet soft warm little life that would be mine to play with and care for. My parents said ‘no’ to getting one. So I got on my bike, peddled off to the local garden centre, and, heart thumping, choose a sweet little orange hamster, and bought him. I called him Jaffa because he was orange. I took him home in a box. Next day I took him in his box in my school bag on the double bus ride to school and back. Poor Jaffa was in that box all day. When I got home I took the box out of my bag and said, ‘They were giving hamsters away at school, and they were going to be killed if nobody took them.’ That was a big fat LIE! My nice mum and dad helped me set up the cage, and Jaffa was accepted … but I didn’t even last into the evening before I confessed the truth. My parents didn’t shout at me. They were just very disappointed in me, which was somehow worse than a row! I remember all the feelings I went through then, and those feelings are what powers the story of A Dog Called Flow along.

I hope you enjoy it! Pippa Goodhart

A Dog Called Flow, by Pippa Goodhart, illustrated by Anthony Lewis, published by Troika. Pippa and Troika books are generously giving away 5 copies of FLOW to out readers. Enter the FREE competition HERE.  

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