Holiday Reading

I’m going on holiday next week, so I have some really important decisions to make – what books should I take with me?

This process is always trickier than it should be. Ideally, I’d like to take my entire ‘to be read’ pile (which is shamefully large). Sadly, until I develop superstrength or the ability to turn my parents’ car into the TARDIS, that isn’t going to be an option. So, I’ve got to narrow it down.

Terry Pratchett’s latest and last, The Shepherd’s Crown, has to come with me, of course. I’m already halfway through it, and I can’t wait to find out how Tiffany beats the Elves. But I also have to bring Lonely Werewolf Girl, because even though I’m not really enjoying it, I’ve read far enough into it that I don’t want to abandon it now.

Both of these books are quite big, so I have to choose a few smaller ones to make up for it. Luckily, I have a few Agatha Christie novels from the library that I’ve been itching to get to, so those are going in too. And so are my Ms Marvel trade paperbacks, because I’m writing an article about them and I don’t actually understand the concept of “holiday”.

That might look like plenty, but is it really enough? I don’t want to repeat the incident that happened when I was staying in rural America, and read all of the books that I’d brought with me with plenty of time to spare. There were no bookshops nearby, so I had to scour the local supermarket for things to read. Sadly, this left me with the local newspaper, a bunch of tabloid magazine full of weird rumours about the Royal Family, and a single book on famous female gamblers of the Old West (which was actually really interesting, but a very quick read). So, I guess I’d better take a few of the other candidates in my TBR pile – Bog ChildMaggot Moon, and a couple of Meg Rosoff books. And my Kindle. Just in case.

Hopefully, this should get me through the week. And I might even have some room left over for clothes, too.

What books are essential holiday reading for you?

2 thoughts on “Holiday Reading

  1. I love reading Sarah Webb’s Ask Amy Green books- I always bring at least one on holiday to reread as they are light but fun, so perfect in a car or plane. Also, any new books that I may have, plus my phone, where I can read my libraries ebooks. I always have a huge pile, then bring about half of them!

  2. HI Alice,

    If you like animals, I’d give ML’s (Marie-Louise Jensen’s) book, Runaway a try, that and Girl In The Mask a try too, she’s VERY wonderful it writing History, and animals together in one, of, and Sophie Mackenzie’s books too! Plus, The Hunger Games too!

    (I know, that’s LOTS of books, I LOVE reading a lot of different stories :D)

    I’m off on my Hols on Friday, I can’t WAIT! 😀

    I think I’m going to talk some of my Dr Who books, Sophie Mackenzie, and ML’s books, and some Linda Chapman books with me too. 🙂 I MAY need a separate case for just my books, um.. 😉

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