The Walk of Shame

The Walk of Shame

Today should be a day of firsts for my four year old. It should be his first day at BIG SCHOOL. I was prepared for everything, or so I thought. Six weeks ago I took him shopping which is NOT a fun experience with a four year old boy but you know, I’m his mum so that’s what I do. We bought school trousers, socks, shoes, jumpers, book bags, PE shoes, PE T-shirts, PE Shorts, PE bags to put all the PE stuff in and on and on it goes. I got EVERYTHING on the list. I made a lot of lists and enjoyed ticking off the items.

tick list

Sense of achievement high I relaxed over the summer holidays sure that all was well.

I got this

The week before school started back we talked A LOT about BIG SCHOOL. With the help of my two older children we prepared the four year old for the wonders of school. This morning all three were dressed and ready to go by eight o’clock. I called them all down and sat them on the stairs in various artistic poses to take photos as requested by the Grandmothers. We went outside (in the rain) and took many shots by my pots of flowers outside the front door.

We then walked to school with a neighbour, the four year old chatting all the way about his new book bag, his new shoes, his new ‘newniform’ and we all reminisced about our first days at school. Oh how we smiled and laughed!

I dropped off the middle child, the eldest had already gone on ahead with his friends and walked around to reception to discover that I’d got the wrong day.

Home alone shocked face

I assured my child that perhaps another Mummy had got the wrong day, not me. In fact, after looking around the playground I whispered to him that perhaps lots of the other Mummies had got it wrong, hoping, hoping, hoping.


I’m sure we can sort this out in the office, I told him in a quavering voice. I silently cursed my lists at home which had everything on but the fact that he wouldn’t be starting back on the same day as his brother and sister, which is pretty much all we’d talked about during the summer holidays.

He held my hand tightly looking up at me whilst asking me over and over ‘I am going to BIG SCHOOL today, aren’t I Mama?’ I smiled brightly at him, waiting for my turn to talk to the woman in the office. The woman who knows everything. I bet she never gets the wrong day.

She shook her head sadly at me when I asked my question to which I knew the answer would be no. She looked on in pity as I bent down to explain to the four year old that silly Mummy had got muddled up but he couldn’t hear me over his sobs. The look of pity soon left the lady in the office’s face as the crying escalated in volume and resulted in tears and snot.

new girl crying

And that was just me.

The walk home was one of shame (yes I was wearing flip flops in the rain, the summer is a hard thing to let go of people, don’t judge!) as I tried to explain that he could come back on Monday, that all his friends would be there too on Monday and that he could put his new dinosaur shoes back on… on Monday.

walk of shame 2

So my advice to you, dear readers, is that when you make smug lists and tick off each item mentally patting yourself on the back, just have a quick look at your diary or calendar before leaving the house. I’d like to say this is the first time this kind of thing has happened and that it will be the last, but I think anyone who knows me would just laugh like a drain.

I fear the walk of shame is one I will be repeating again, just not on Monday.

Monday I am ready for you!

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