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My superpower

8626241I chuckled the other day when I read this brilliant interview with Curtis Jobling, author of the Wereworld series.

It was this question that made me smile:

If you could have an author superpower what would it be and why?

Oh I would have to have the Underpants of Bestsellingness I think! It means that every time I pulled on these under-crackers, my books would go crazy gangbusters in the bookstores – that’s definitely the superpower that I would go with.

Keeping with yesterday’s superpowered theme, it got me thinking; what would be my own superpower be?

Well, I think I would be Create-More-Hours-In-The-Day-Man. How cool would that be? Especially at the moment, when I seem to be on constant deadline. I would snap my fingers (or maybe even my toes) and at least ten brand new hours would appear, meaning I could get everything done that I needed to do, plus have time to read a mountain of comics, eat biscuits, fire up the Playstation and watch this week’s Bake Off!

Of course, I would also like to be Never-Include-A-Typo-In-His-Manuscript-Man, but having more than one power is a bit greedy, wouldn’t you say Supes?


So, what would your superpower be?

8 thoughts on “My superpower

  1. I think my one would be to help people be happy when they are upset with their problems and worries. I do try and help people but I would love it if I had that power. 🙂 My happiness comes from helping people on here, or whoever reads my comments on GHB to smile, if only for a second. x

  2. Author super-power would OBVS be the ability to anticipate EXACTLY what publishers want to publish and provide it 😉

    General superpower? I’d like to be able to heal. All those people who get awful illnesses and suffer. I’d like to stop the suffering. I know, I know, bring the happy-factor down a notch, Jo 😉

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