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Electrigirl: A New Superhero is Coming To Town!

Those of you who follow my blog will already know this, but I’m having such a BRILLIANT time that I wanted to share it with all you lovely GHBers too πŸ™‚

Next February (I know, still AGES to wait!) the first book in my brand new series ELECTRIGIRL will hit the shops! Holly Sparkes is an ordinary twelve-year-old, until she’s struck by weird lightning. Warped by a mobile phone mast set up by the Evil Corporation CyberSky (well, you have to have an Evil Corporation in a superhero story, don’t you?), the lightning gives Holly the power to create and control electricity – and thus ELECTRIGIRL is born!


Holly’s ten-year-old brother Joe is OVERJOYED to have a real superhero for a sister (though he wishes it had been him to be struck by lightning, obviously) because he is obsessed with comic books and superheroes. So he instantly appoints himself herΒ mentor and sets about training her.

Enter the Evil Villain (cos there has to be one): Professor Macavity. She’s the boss of CyberSky, and she has Plans To Take Over The World (cue lots of MWAHAHAHAHAAA here). What’s more, she’s picked Holly’s best friend Imogen as exactly the right person to help her do it…whether she likes it or not!

Squeee! I have had SO much fun on this project. Well – to be honest – not ALL fun, since I had the idea about two years ago and it took AGES to get it right, and sometimes I was practically sobbing with the frustration that I couldn’t manage to make it work. But all along I’ve had my fab partner-in-crime Cathy Brett to keep my spirits up, as well as authorly love and support from people like Liz Kessler, Lee Weatherly, Steve Cole and Susie Day – thanks so much, guys!


Cathy and me at the OUP sales conference in our Electrigirl kit!

You see, what’s been so special about this project right from the beginning is that it’s half-novel, half-graphic novel, so the bits where Holly uses her superpowers are all in COMIC STRIP!! Just look at the beauteousness that is Cathy’s artwork!


I can’t WAIT for the book to be out there in the shops for you all to read – and I’m almost MORE excited to say that the sequel will be out in August next year, so there’ll only be seven months to wait once you’ve read the first one!

It’s so fab when something you’ve been wanting to do for so long finally comes to fruition. Thanks to the whole team at Oxford University Press for making it such fun too.

And I’m going to leave you with a question. In the book, Holly accidentally blows up her class room. Everything explodes – lights, computers, the smartboard! And of course the whole school has to be evacuated. So my question is:

If you could engineer it so that your classroom blewΒ up (without injury to anyone, of course), which lesson would you choose?!

7 thoughts on “Electrigirl: A New Superhero is Coming To Town!

  1. Can’t wait to read this, Jo. You are a big tease :). February is obviously the month OUP release all the best books! x

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