Godbyes and Endings Catherine Johnson

It’s almost the end of the summer. I haven’t had a holiday this year as I have been TOO BUSY. But when i was growing up I would go, every summer, to my Grandparents (I called them Nain and Taid which is Welsh) in North Wales. Because my Mum was a teacher we’d be there the whole six weeks and I would spend every spare minute helping at a stables in the village so when it was time to go I always always (until I was about 14 and wanted to be in London) hated it.

Sometimes I would actually cry. Some other times I would make myself cry for the drama. We would get up ridiculously early (we had a very old car that took ages) and drive across the moors to the main road early in the morning. The heather would be out by the end of August and if we were lucky we might see a Buzzard or a grouse or both.

Of course the worst thing is the weight of going back to school. Now of course you might be someone – unlike me – for whom the thought of school means some kind of fun. I hope so!

I’m saying a sort of goodbye here too. I’m taking some time off Girls Heart Books to concentrate on two scripts (one which I sending to my fabulous script editor (like a book editor but scripty) today.

So thank  you for reading – have a fabulous term and if you’re at school in Brighton or Hackney or Hastings or Wrexham or anywhere near Brent or Dulwich Libraries I just might see you next term.

In the mean time here’s the gorgeous cover of my latest book. Happy New School Year!



4 thoughts on “Godbyes and Endings Catherine Johnson

  1. Gorgeous cover, gorgeous book but oh that feeling of going back to school – especially after the summer holidays….nooooooooooooooo

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