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Puppies and their writers

You aren’t going to get much sense from me today as I’ve just got a puppy. Archie joins Caspar in our dog-friendly home so cue the cute photos. IMG_1457

Funnily enough though, this did prompt me to think between mopping duties that being a writer and having a dog must be just about the best combination.

  1. You’re both mainly at home.
  2. The puppy needs to take their author for a walk so they can plot and not get too fat.
  3. When trying out dialogue while out on a walk, the author can pretend to be talking to the puppy IMG_1455and not be thought of as mad.
  4. The puppy can keep their author safe by lying on their feet while they type and sighing from time to time to remind them that they really should get round to number 2.
  5. The puppy can provide inspiration.
  6. And an uncritical audience.
  7. The puppy can remind the author of what it is like to have a small not yet housetrained person in the room who also likes eating chairs and skirting boards.
  8. The puppy is visible proof that every stage in life is just a passing phase. Catch the memories while you can.

There is probably a case to be made for cats too, but I wonder if a disdainful stare from some cats might make you rather doubt whether anything you write is any good and whether it might not be time better spent stroking her majesty or opening a tin of cat food.

There is absolutely no connection to the destructive tendencies of Archie, but I am running a competition about favourite monsters over on my website, closing date end of this month. Why don’t you click on the link and tell me about yours.

4 thoughts on “Puppies and their writers

  1. True, a cat in a mood can be very discouraging, but when a cat chooses to give its affections it feels as if you’ve really earned something. I reckon that that would provide some quite special motivation 🙂

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