What happens after The End?

Over a year it’s taken. Ages and ages and ages.

It became known as The Book That Wouldn’t Write Itself. And then, at the very last minute, it did – taking me rather by surprise. Scene after scene suddenly took shape. A bit with broken wood and snow, and a scattered records and a broken heart made me cry a little. My editor liked my ideas for how to finish it. Woooooo! And then …. this:

Girls Heart Books - 1See those last words? ‘THE END’.

Oh yeah. Crazy *this book finally wrote itself dance*

I sent it off to the (very patient) publisher. The publisher loved it. Woooooooooooo!

So – what next? What happens after THE END?

Well, obviously the next book. I’m slowly plotting it. And I’ve got some overflow characters who may well have to go in the one after. And I got a job! Woooooooo! As of next term, I’ll be a Visiting Lecturer at City University, doing a Children’s Fiction Workshop course for people who are trying out writing for children and want to learn more about it. I have a security pass and everything! Extremely woooo.

But writers don’t just write. When the book is finally done, and it also happens to be the school holidays, they do other things. Such as …

Girls Heart Books - 2Repainting the kitchen …

Girls Heart Books - 3… the same colours, but much, MUCH cleaner.

Girls Heart Books - 4Taking their baby nephew for his first big red bus ride over the River Thames.

Girls Heart Books - 5Visiting old school friends and ‘helping’ them eat up some of the lovely produce from their garden.

Girls Heart Books - 6Admiring the view of a Sussex farm from the front seat of a combine harvester. OH YEAH!

Girls Heart Books - 8And painting their toenails pink.

Enough celebrating, I think. The holidays are nearly over and soon it will be time to get back to the new book, and those fiction workshops. What do you do after THE END?

7 thoughts on “What happens after The End?

  1. YAY SOPHIA!! šŸ˜€

    On my story, I’ve been writing it for 8 months now, I hope this edit-/read-through will be my last, then I can send it before Halloween. šŸ˜€ Cross your fingers for me? x

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