Chemical Magic

DSCF1036In 1922 – especially if the summer holidays were dragging – for two shillings you could purchase a handbook to liven things up a bit.

Chemical Magic is my favourite. The mind boggles about what the experiments were. Health and safety was not such a big issue then. As for the patter, perhaps it would go something like this – ‘For my next trick I will turn my little sister into a newt!’

What a great opening for a story…..

Match Stick Magic sounds less thrilling. I see that the author also created Paper Magic. I hope he didn’t get the two books mixed up!


Then there is Tricks for Everyone – well tricks for everyone rich enough to have a Smoking Room and at least three types of table.  I am sorely in need of some tricks at the writing table at the moment!


After Dinner Sleights and Pocket Tricks is ‘especially suitable for a few minutes’ amusement after dinner or to fill up what might become an awkward pause’. Not such a problem in my house where there is no time for awkward dinner pauses – it usually takes Frugal Husband and myself about eight minutes to consume a bowl of pasta or fifteen minutes if its sausages and mash.


Of course none of us will require the following:


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