Writerly Travels

One of the nice things about being a writer (apart from making stuff up every day) is getting to do really cool things. You may remember a few months ago I got to be a blacksmith for a day and made my very own toasting fork. And at the end of July, I went to Hendra Holiday Park in Newquay, Cornwall, to be their Writer in Residence. I’m currently working on a brand new Completely Cassidy book and part of the story is set in a holiday park in Newquay so it was fab to be able to get first-hand experience of being somewhere just like the place Cassidy and her family go to visit. Best of all, I got to visit the gorgeous beaches and even met up with fellow writer, Lisa Glass. It was a totally inspirational trip – I even went on a waterslide (just for research purposes, OBVIOUSLY.)


Tolcarne beach at night – magical, right?

The weekend after, I travelled to Cambridge for the launch of Robin Steven’s First Class Murder. In case you’ve been living under a rock and have somehow missed the fab Murder Most Unladylike series, this is the third book following the adventures of Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong as they try to solve puzzling crimes in rip-roaring in 1930s England. It was a star-studded bash and I could barely move for other awesome authors and bloggers – Abie Longstaff, Non Pratt and of course Robin herself. Waterstones sold out of First Class Murder – that’s how popular this series is!


Some photos from the First Class Murder launch – Robin is in the middle pic

And lastly, I got to go to an adult book launch this week, which wasn’t especially different from a children’s\YA book launch – there was cake, fun and a lot of books.

So although 90% of being a writer is about getting your bum on the seat and actually doing the writing, the 10% when you get to do cool stuff is fun too. Where have you travelled to so far this summer?

One thought on “Writerly Travels

  1. In my stories, I’ve visited the beach, and a hidden glen in the forest. 😀 (oh, and I went on a holiday myself, in real life nearly broke my ankle, while searching for Mermaids tears on the shore, and collecting shells. 🙂 )

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