Wowser! Win a Jill Marshall audio book!

Jane Blonde author Jill Marshall has been busy getting some fab audio books ready for you older girls to tune into over the summer hols, and she’s got six of each to give away.

JILL2FANMAIL is a hilarious peek into the life of geeky Cat Andrews as she wrestles with new step-families, an outrageous crush on nerdy Freddie who fancies her best mate, and a terrible mistake made with a mad machine that leads to a pop star living in her shed.

PINEAPPLE is for those who love a tear-jerker. Poppy is recovering from a traumatic past at a Cornwall retreat. There, she befriends Tariq, who is trying to work out an old family mystery, and falls for Robbie, a local gardener – who happens to live in 1914 …

To find out more and hear a clip from each, go to www.jillmarshallaudiobooks.com. Then use the contact page on Jill’s site to let us know which audio book you’d like,  and the lucky winners will be drawn from a hat on 14th August 2015.

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