The book that took seven years to write

Hi, this is my first post for Girls Heart Books so be gentle.

When I started writing The Boy who drew the Future seven years ago (that’s right reader, seven LONG years) I imagined seven milestones along the way. These often kept me going as I made the whole writing process more complicated by having more children and moving house too many times.

Fun Fact: I’ve written this book in 3 houses, 1 static caravan (fun times) and 1 bungalow)

So what were these 7 milestones I hear you ask?

Milestone 1

Finish the book, actually get all of the words down on the page (or screen) and type THE END and walk away.


Milestone 2

Get an agent. Preferably a good one.

Show me the money

Not this one.

Milestone 3

Make agent like the book and me.

I like you very much just as you are

Milestone 4

Find that magical (and somewhat elusive) editor who likes the book.



Milestone 5

Have a say in the cover design.

Blue riverHand in the riverBoy cover June 2015

Milestone 6

Stop editing the book, hand it over and walk away and wait patiently for editor’s feedback.

I don't like to be kept waiting gif Harry Potter

Milestone 7

Have a book launch.

happy birthday - great gatsby

This is perhaps the least important milestone and I don’t always have a book launch, in fact the last book launch I had was about 7 years ago. (Have you noticed the no.7 theme yet?)

So this book is different, not quite the favourite child but close, very close and therefore needs celebrating with lots of cake and a great big book launch.

I dreamt the ending to The Boy who drew the Future seven (there it is again) years ago. I told myself to remember my dream but of course I didn’t. Someone broke my dream hours later and I ran upstairs to write down the ending. I then worked backwards discovering the story of Noah and Blaze along the way.  But I didn’t stop dreaming about the story, in fact this is the book I’ve dreamt about the most. I’ve dreamt scenes, dialogue, twists and turns, and a bit like the extra features on a DVD there have been lots of outtakes and deleted scenes.

Yesterday whilst camping in the Forest of Dean (whilst trying to avoid the wild boar) I got an email from my publicist.

The launch is booked at Waterstones, details to follow.

I let out a “Whoo hah!” right there in the forest, scared the kids and probably excited the boar but I didn’t care because I’d done it. I’d hit Milestone 7, I’d made it. So all I have to worry about now is whether I can stand up without falling over and talk coherently about my book in a room full of people…that’s if people come to my launch.

People will come, won’t they?

Control your emotions SNAPE

I might need an 8th Milestone.

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