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Donate your books to charity!

Have you got too many* books at home?

(*we at GHB realise that the words ‘too many’ and ‘books’ do not actually belong in the same sentence, but perhaps you, like us, have books at home that you’ve read and didn’t 100% completely and utterly love and you’re not planning to read them again…)

Well, for the next month, you can take unwanted books to WHSmith to raise money for charity! Here’s how…

This summer WHSmith is partnering with Marie Curie to launch ‘The Big Readcycle’. From the 30th of July until the 27th of August, customers will be able to donate their pre-loved books at collection points located in WHSmith and Marie Curie stores across the country in exchange for a 25% discount voucher to spend on books at any WHSmith high street store. The campaign is aiming to receive 30,000 donated books that will be sold in the 190 Marie Curie stores across the UK. The money raised will help Marie Curie to continue providing care for people living with a terminal illness and their families.

Marie Curie offer expert care, guidance and support to help people get the most from the time they have left. It costs £20 to provide an hour of nursing, which makes every book donated important.

Now, other charity bookshops are of course available, and maybe you pass on books that way already – or maybe you donate them to your school library (ever thought of doing that?) or pass them on to friends or siblings. But if you have a little pile of books and have been going, ‘I really need to give these away so that I can make space on my shelves for MORE BOOKS’ (ahem, maybe that’s just me…) then pop them in your bag next time you’re off down town and drop them in to WHSmith. You’re doing something good for charity, and you’ll get a discount voucher that you can spend on MORE BOOKS!

One thought on “Donate your books to charity!

  1. Thank you! This came right in time because I had a big, bookish clear out of books from my shelves and now they’re piled up like little walls around my room driving me a little bit mad 🙂

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