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Getting away from the desk

Here’s my writing desk, and sometimes I fear that I spend far too much time here. Mostly though, I know how fortunate I am. Because of the time I spend writing, I have found my way into a wonderful world, where I’m allowed to hang out with fellow writers, and young readers of my books.
This summer I’ve been invited to lots of festivals, all of which have been great. Here I am (looking strangely pensive) with my friend, Sarah Webb, at the West Cork Literary Festival.
Sometimes I meet young readers in the strangest of places. Once I met a lovely young girl when I was on the way out of the dentists. I did my best to chat, even though one of my cheeks was horribly swollen. (I try not to think of the photo she took that day.)
Last week though, I got lucky. I met the sweetest girl, who told me that she loved my books. That’s always lovely, but on this occasion I was in the hairdressers, all ready for the photo-opportunity.
Makes all the desk-time worthwhile!

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