Wet Outside? Stay Indoors with Lovely Books! Catherine Johnson

I live by the seaside and there is nothing sadder than bedraggled holiday makers trying to make the best of pouring rain and wintry weather. I know, I have been in that tent and that caravan, listening to the rain on the roof and trying to stay upbeat even when  your clothes are never quite entirely dry,

The answer? A decent book and a hot water bottle. If you can’t manage a hot water bottle – maybe your camping gaz won’t work or it’s too damp to light a fire put the extra thick socks on and snuggle down with some stonking books recs.

On my to read pile this month….


The Secrets of Sam and Sam by ex Girls Hearter Susie Day. Sam and Sam featured in the Pea series and I love all Susie’s books. If you haven’t read thesse wonderfully warm and funny family stories you have a real treat


The Case of The Bogus Detective by Caroline Lawrence. This is the latest in the P.K. Pinkerton series set in the old American West. Now I love these stories. Who wouldn’t want to be PK? Six shooting, fast riding braver than a cornered grizzly bear even when she is in deadly danger. If you’ve ever wanted to wear a buckskin suit and gallop around on your own faithful pony (as indeed I have) this one is for you.


Finally, Silver Skin by Joan Lennon,  this one’s for you if you want a gripping read that is set in the future and the distant past and that expertly – and effortlessly – mixes science and the supernatural. Rab from the future is trapped in Stone Age Skara Brae. This book is so good it’s only just arrived this morning and I haven’t put it down. I can’t wait to see what happens….

Happy reading! And stay dry x


Catherine Johnson’s latest book is The Curious Tale of The Lady Caraboo out now!


2 thoughts on “Wet Outside? Stay Indoors with Lovely Books! Catherine Johnson

  1. I LOVE staying in tents! 😀 It’s really amazing! I remember staying in a tent when it was pouring down with rain and it was bending and flapping all around us, ah, tents and gale force winds…. 😀

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