Judy Blume.

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I saw Judy Blume on Sunday. I went with some lovely friends from life and bookclub and met more people there. It was amazing. She spoke about writing and life and her books (Do you have a favourite Judy Blume book? I like Superfudge and Tiger Eyes and Blubber, but she signed my copy of Forever, because my childhood books live in my parents’ house)

Here are three things I learned from going to see her speak:

1.Re-drafting is important. I knew this already, but hearing her say she writes up to twenty drafts of a thing made me feel better about the fifth draft that is currently occupying most of my headspace.

2. If you want to be a writer, persistence is key. This is very true. Because, like with acting, not everyone will like everything they read of yours. Not every story is for everyone. Which is what makes finding your favourite book so special, it’s not everybody’s favourite book, just yours.

3. It’s good to be kind. She did a little tap-dance, just to make a raven-haired lady in the front row happy. She looked very graceful and peppy. Also, she signed something I brought along for a friend of mine as well. She didn’t have to, but she did it, after having signed for over an hour. And it made me really happy and grateful.

Judy Blume is seventy-seven and she’s basically the coolest girl in any room she’s in is all I’m saying.

What writer would you like to see in real life?

5 thoughts on “Judy Blume.

  1. I wish I could have seen her, Deirdre – but I was too busy writing! I love the sound of what she said, and if she ever comes back I will definitely queue up for a front seat so I can have a peppy tap dance. What a lady …

  2. How amazing that you got to meet her, and yay for the autograph! Thank you for sharing her advice, much appreciated–now onto draft 293021938! 😉

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