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Guest Blogger Abie Longstaff

Abie Longstaff comes from  a large and (in her words) particularly insane family of 6 children. As the oldest of 6 girls she remembers desperately searching for anywhere she could get some privacy. She sometimes used to hide up trees or in the linen closet with a book. For Abie, writing has always been an escape and as a child she filled notebook after notebook with stories. 

Abie’s new series is The Magic Potions Shop and she’s kindly called in to tell us all about it. Welcome to GHB Abie. 

The Magic Potions Shop

If you could make a potion, what would it do?

Make you fly?

Make your hair grow?

Shrink you?

Turn you invisible?

Image 1 Exploding Powder

What kind of ingredients would you need?

Giant’s Eyelash?

Goblin Coal?

Unicorn Whisker?

Rainbow Blossom?

Image 2 Ingredients

Where would you collect them?

In the cold of the Frozen Tundra?

In the heat of the Parched Desert?

Underwater in the Fickle Sea?

High on the Peak of Peril?

Image 3 Map


With gloves

At midnight

During a thunderstorm

Very carefully

Image 4 How

Who would you help with your potion?





Image 5 mermaid

Where would you sell your potion?

In a shop?

In a hospital?

In a caravan?

In a hollow tree?

Image 6 Tree


There’s a lot to learn when you’re making potions. Watch out because you might find things don’t always go to plan. At least, that’s what the Potions Apprentice has discovered.

Image 7 kaboom


Come and find out how he gets on in The Magic Potions Shop – an exciting new series written by Abie Longstaff and illustrated by Lauren Beard.

Image 8 cover


Intrigued? Dying to get your hands a copy? Well maybe you can. To celebrate the release of the first book in this fantastic new series, Abie is giving away  five copies of The Magic Potions Shoe HERE

Thanks for stopping by Abie and GOOD LUCK with the new series. 

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