Confessions of a Numpty Author



Here’s a complete non-shocker; authors LOVE, LOVE, LOVE words.

We love the sound of them.

We love how they sit together.

We love the power of them.

And because we love them so much, we always spell them right. Unless we, er, spell them wrong. Like I did today! I wrote an e-postcard for fans of my website – letting them know about my new novel ‘Catching Falling Stars‘ – and gave the design of it a quick read-through this afternoon IN MY CAR WHILE I WAS AT A RED TRAFFIC LIGHT. And since it looked fine, I texted my web designer at the next red traffic light and told her to send it.

THEN I get a message on Twitter saying the e-postcard had – OH, THE SHAME! – a spelling mistook in it. 

So that’s it. I am an imperfect writer. A doughball. A numpty. #authorfail

Forgive me?

"Forgive me?"

“Forgive me?”

Karen McCombie :c)

6 thoughts on “Confessions of a Numpty Author

  1. I Keren, I read tha email lastNight. 😀 (I’m on your email list, and I’m rubbish at spelling too. 🙂 I like the spell checker on Word, I think it’s our friend. 🙂 )

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