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Dedications – A Guest Blog by Cas Lester

cas in hat jpegBumblebees bottoms, have we a treat for you. Cas Lester’s here with a special guest blog. Cas spent many years working in children’s television drama with CBBC. She made several award winning programmes including Jackanory, Big Kids, Kerching! and the Story of Tracy Beaker.  

Now she’s writing brilliant books for children like NIXIE THE BAD, BAD FAIRY and HARVEY DREW AND THE BIN MEN FROM OUTER SPACE. A huge welcome to GHB, Cas.


OK, I’ll admit it, I’m nosy.

The dedication in Jacqueline Wilson’s THE STORY OF TRACY BEAKER reads: ‘For Bryony, David, Miranda, Jason and Ryan.’

But just who are Bryony, David, Miranda, Jason and Ryan?!

And who is the ‘Alan’ to whom Eva Ibbotson dedicated WHICH WITCH? And why did Philip Pullman dedicate THE FIREWORK MAKER’S DAUGHTER to ‘Jessica, Gordon and Sally Rose’?

Worrying about it doesn’t actually keep me up at night, but I want to know.

Thankfully, some writers keep it nice and simple. Jo Cotterill wrote LOOKING AT THE STARS: ‘For my daughters’, and PL Travers dedicated MARY POPPINS ‘To my mother.’ But who was the mysterious ‘Beatrice’ in Lemony Snicket’s dedications? ‘To Beatrice darling, dearest, dead.’ and ‘For Beatrice – You will always be in my heart, and in my mind, and in your grave.’ I’ve got to admit I love these. They’re funny – in a dark kind of way, and a little sad.

Hmmmm, just realized some of my dedications aren’t very clear either. NIXIE THE BAD, BAD FAIRY: is ‘For Annie Beth, the original Bad Bad Fairy, with all my love.’ FYI ‘Annie Beth’ is my daughter who wore her fairy costume with red wellies and a green army helmet and inspired Nixie. That clears that up.

Nixie 01 cover


So I’ve kept it dead simple in HARVEY DREW AND THE JUNK SKUNKS. The dedication reads:

‘For the Bin Men of Britain – with sincere thanks, because without you, we’d be in a terrible mess.’ OK?!

junk skunks cover

Hands up, who else wondered who Annie Beth was. And hands up who’d like to read one of Cas’s fantastic books. You would? Then hop on over to our  COMPETITIONS page right now where Cas is giving away three books to our lucky readers.



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