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A Week Up a Hill

Tomorrow morning I’m getting in the car and driving north.  Past Perth and Pitlochry and on to Inverness and then on beyond that – all the way to Moniack Mhor, the Creative Writing Centre, where I’ll be tutoring a course on Writing for Children and Young People.  I’ve taught there before, and I lived there for a month a couple of years ago as their writer-in-residence and it was – and is! – writer heaven on a hill!  Here are the buildings we’ll be staying in –


And here are some of the views from the rooms –



I’m working with Melvin Burgess and the mid-week guest is Anne Fine – pretty great, eh?  And 14 participants I can’t wait to meet.  But here’s one view that they won’t be getting …  (It was March when I lived there!)


An inspiring place and the chance to learn together –  a week on a hill!  See you when I get back.

Have you been anyplace that inspired you?  (And did it snow?)

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