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Windsnap Wednesday with author Liz Kessler!

Ooh, you lucky readers! In August, Liz Kessler’s latest book in the FAB Emily Windsnap series will be published – EMILY WINDSNAP AND THE SHIP OF LOST SOULS! And to celebrate this publication of the sixth book, the whole series is getting a makeover and at GHB Towers we are squeeing over the beautiful new covers – just look at them!

EmilyWindsnap_Twitter (3)

So today, Liz (who used to blog for GHB) is popping in as part of her blog tour to give us an EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes look at the series – see below to read a never-before-published prologue to Book 2! Congratulations on the new book, Liz, and we LOVE the new look! GHB readers, keep an eye out for our comp at the beginning of September, when we’ll be giving away a COMPLETE SET of the six books in the Emily Windsnap series!

EW Ship of Lost SoulsAs you can see above, Liz is blogging at six sites on Windsnap Wednesdays, and the first post is already up over on Wondrous Reads, where you can read the poem in which Emily first came into being! Each blog will feature a bit about one of the books in the series, ending up with the Ship of Lost Souls over with GHB firm favourite Cathy Cassidy!

Over to you, Liz!

Hello, Girls Heart Books! I was originally going to have a prologue at the start of my second book, Emily  Windsnap and The Monster From the Deep. But I changed my mind. This is what I wrote…


If you were brave enough, you might fly over the Bermuda Triangle. Maybe you’ll have heard about it. About the planes that have mysteriously disappeared there, never to return. Frantic ‘Mayday’ calls, then silence. Or the ships that have been found deserted out in the depths of the ocean: not a thing out of place, not a soul on board.

You wouldn’t know where you were. Not at first. You wouldn’t think it was different from any other patch of sea. You could wipe the window with your sleeve and lean across to look out and you’d see mile after mile of blue, blue sea, broken only by darker patches of colour where the water grew deeper, or tiny white gashes where the wind blew across the surface. Goosepimples on the ocean’s skin.

Emily Windsnap Monster from the Deep #2And then there’d be goosepimples on your skin, too. Your scalp would itch; maybe you’d shiver. It would feel as though a ghost had just walked through your body. Cold. A second later, you’d think you’d imagined it.

But then, if you looked out of your window again, you’d wonder if you were seeing things. You might look around you, try to work out if you were the only one to spot this incredible sight.

A giant question mark in the middle of the ocean.

Flying across it, you’d realise your mistake. It would just be an island. A peak at the northern tip; a giant sandy arch bending inwards almost all the way down the island; thick lush trees lining the beach. You’d see that the edges of the island were coated in sand. As though someone had drawn a border round the whole island with a thick gold felt tip. Way down to the south, another tiny island would form the dot of the question mark.

You’d always remember this sight, the most beautiful place you’d ever seen.

Liz Kessler c Mark NoallBut then perhaps you’d notice a long grey stretch at the southern end. And perhaps you’d feel a little less sure of the beauty. Maybe the more discerning among you would notice a difference in the texture of the land. A deadness to it. Most of you would fly across it without noticing anything. And if you were in an aeroplane, you would never hear the deep rumble that seemed to come from miles below the surface of the water. So you would never question what it was – or if you’d imagined it, or if it was just the roaring of the sea.

But whenever you talked about it, you’d remember the cold feeling down your body, and it would make your scalp itch and your arms prickle again. And you wouldn’t quite understand why, but you’d know that if you were given the choice, you would never want to actually get off the plane and land on the island yourself.

We’ve had goosepimples just reading this, Liz – thanks for stopping by! 🙂 x

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