When Dreams Come True

This is possibly the happiest Girls Heart Books post I’ve ever written. Last week I achieved a lifelong dream – I said good bye to my friends at the place I had worked for nine years and became a full time writer.

It was a good week in other ways too – my tenth book, Completely Cassidy: Star Reporter was published and I finished writing my twelfth. But mostly, it was about waking up on Wednesday 1st July and knowing I didn’t have to go to the office – if I didn’t want to write, I didn’t have to. I could watch film or read all day! And then I realised that while a day spent reading is always well spent, if I didn’t write, I wouldn’t have any more books. So I knuckled down and wrote. The next day, I got up and did the same thing.


My new office and workmate

Waking up on Monday morning was great – my first Monday as my own boss. Then I got an email that distracted me so much I didn’t feel able to write. If I’d been at work, I would have other people to talk to, friends who would have made me feel better and I would have forgotten about that email much more quickly. As it was, I lost almost the whole day and I realised there were some advantages to having a workplace to go to. No one makes me a cup of tea during the day at home, or asks me if I saw something on TV last night.


Still waiting for Lillie to make tea

I’m still happy and delighted that my dream has come true. But I am slowly coming to realise that dreams have a price and I will have to adjust a little bit to my new life. That said, I’m sure it will be worth doing. I am a full time writer at last!

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