A Shed of My Own: Part Two

In my April blog, ‘A Shed of My Own’, I shared some ‘before’ photos of the shed in the garden. Now I can share them again, with some ‘after’ photos.

The shed used to be a dumping ground for garden furniture, and it was falling apart. It was, after all, at least 40 years old according to our neighbours.

When my husband asked what I wanted for my birthday this year, I asked that instead of knocking the shed down which was his original plan (after all it was in a real state), we could have it repaired so that I could use it as a writing and creative space.

A wonderful friend Phil and his mate Julian did the clever stuff. New roof, new floor, plaster-boarding, replacement window pane, a lock for the door and the installation of power. Phil already had plenty of building work to do on his own house, so it was incredibly kind of him to give his time and expertise. We owe Phil and his family, and Julian, big time.

Once that was done, my husband Russ laid the floor, put in the skirting boards patched and painted the window frames, and spent many hours of his precious spare time painting the shed both inside and out. It meant a lot to me that he spent so much time on it. Because of the care and effort he put in, when DIY is certainly not his favourite activity, this shed means a hundred times more to me than any other birthday present could.

So here are the ‘before’ and the ‘after’ photos. The door still needs to be finished and there are some other little bits and pieces to sort out, but already I’ve been out there writing and thinking and dreaming and working on my latest book.

At last I have my ‘room of my own’ again.













10 thoughts on “A Shed of My Own: Part Two

    • I will now Karen! I’m going to paint the cork tiles I’ve put on the wall so it’s a pretty noticeboard. If my family annoys me too much I might just have to move in there… 😉

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