Playing with Faeries


I spent today with friends, a bunch of very cute sheep and bunnies – and had a lovely time buying craft supplies! Now, as fun as it sounds (and it was), there was a writing-related-reason for my visit to Woolfest in Cumbria. Apart from writing books for children and their grown ups, I write craft books. I am currently writing a book called Faerierealms, which describes how to make beautiful faeries using textile art. So today, I bought supplies from recycled sari silks to merino wool, I stroked alpacas and angora rabbits, and got very excited with my friend Lena, a very clever textile artist I share an art studio with.


I have been writing my book for a while, and my day at Woolfest was just what I needed to get inspired again – and to remember why I am writing the book. Basically, although I am a nanna now, I still love playing with faeries. I want share my excitement and my book gives me a way to do this. If you like faeries, watch this space and you’ll be the first to know when the book is ready.


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