In just under three weeks time In Darkling Wood, my third book, hits the shelves. This means I’ve had 3 books published in under 2 years. For a slow writer like me, this is something I can’t quite believe. It’s true, though: I even have pictures to prove it.



These next few weeks are possibly the busiest, most nerve-wracking of all writers’ busy, nerve-wracking moments. Already, In Darkling Wood has had some lovely reviews from bloggers and booksellers, who I can’t thank enough for the time they take to do this- so I’ll just say it again- THANK YOU!

It’s also The Bookseller’s Children’s Book Of The Month for July, and in yesterday’s Independent Summer Books round -up which is such a nice start!  I’m very VERY chuffed.

But… I’m also really nervous. There, I’ve said it. This book was quite hard to write- so were the others but for different reasons. With In Darkling Wood it was hard because I wanted to test myself by trying something a bit different. I’d written two historical books already, so now I decided to write in the modern day. Almost. You see, I couldn’t let go of the historical stuff completely. And so to complicate things more, I also chose to write a dual narrative, in two different voices- Alice’s and a girl alive in 1918- and  in two different forms- narrative and personal letters. Don’t ask me why. Suffice to say it did take a while for the story to find itself. But I think (hope) it works.


So now I’m madly writing blog posts, doing interviews, prepping for visits. And… trying my hand at fairy cakes. I mean, the book features fairies- an obvious cake ‘shoe-in’. My first efforts tasted fine but had little of the fairy about them, to be honest.

Yet  in amongst my nerves, highs and lows, busy busy-ness, I’m absolutely not going to forget to ENJOY this part. This is the time to celebrate. To remember just how much I love what I do and why I do it. My cakes might need a bit more practise, but I’ve written a book that I’m proud of. It’s the story I wanted to write. Really, I think this picture of me looking slightly mad but happy says it all.

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