A little sunshine goes a long way!

Hi everyone!

I hope you had a fab half term, and maybe even got away for a few days break – by the sea, perhaps.

Seaside Walk Week

I did a 10-mile sponsored walk on Bank Holiday Monday for the Family Holiday Association, a brilliant charity which gives families in need a break at the seaside. Click on the short video to find out more…

The charity also asked me about my own favourite seaside memory. I knew exactly which one to share:

Grandmaandgrandpa on the beach

This is a picture of me when I was 8 with my ‘Grandma and Grandpa In America’ as they were known, on the beach in Florida where they lived. We got to go and visit them there twice, once when the picture was taken and once when I was 16, and I remember just loving them soooo much (which I still do – they both passed away when I was about 21). I also remember loving the pink bikini (funny how I seem to be wearing the top of it almost up round my ears!). Ruth and Harold are my dad’s parents, but as my parents had divorced the year before, my mum took us over to visit them on her own. Full credit to her for going for it – she hadn’t been on her own long, it was a long flight with two bouncy children and it can’t have been cheap. But it was brilliant – we all had a great trip, and it strengthened the bond between us, along with the letters and photos we shared over the years, and the birthday and Christmas presents, of course! I’m sure my brother and I did lots of sandcastle building and races and making up games on the beach when this picture was taken, but I don’t really remember that. Mostly I remember just being crazily madly in LOVE with my grandparents – and Grandma’s homemade chocolate chip cookies!

So those are the seasidy things I’ve been up to this month! You can find out more about the Family Holiday Association at http://www.familyholidayassociation.org.uk/ and on twitter @famholidayassoc.


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