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The Pink Alpaca Factor

Recently I went to the MCM London Comic Con. This three-day convention celebrates comics, sci-fi, anime, manga and popular culture from the UK, US and Japan. It is HUGE, and the cosplay is FANTASTIC in every sense of the word. I wanted to illustrate this with some pictures, but I was too dazzled to take many good ones. You have to see it to believe it, really. Here’s a short video made by Holly Smith to give you an idea…

I have lots of Comic Con favourite moments: standing behind some assembled Avengers on an escalator, trying not to trip over Thor’s cloak; two robots from Futurama sharing sandwiches with their electronic heads neatly resting at their feet; the impressive Baymax who looked a little deflated but still brilliant at the end of the day.

I’d also like to mention these little creatures:


The official ones are called AlPacasso and the con was full of them. They hung around in pastel colours, wearing different combinations of hats and scarves, hearts and flowers.

My daughter bought one – the last of its kind on the stand – and we proceeded to one of the theatres to watch a presentation about a new sci-fi TV adaptation. But – horror! The stitching on the alpaca’s back came apart within a few minutes. We were on the other side of the massive, crowded convention centre by this point, but I was undaunted. I would work my way back to get an alternative, undamaged alpaca.

I placed the injured alpaca firmly under one arm and marched through the crowds, making my way determinedly past several Marvel and DC superheroes and an assortment of Disney princesses. After a couple of minutes of this, I noticed the strangest thing. With the giant alpaca under my arm, I was walking differently. I was smiling more at people who held interesting and unusual props. I’d become a pink alpaca carrying kind of person. Of course, I was exactly the same person as I’d been a few minutes earlier. But it was surprising what a pink alpaca had done for my attitude.

2015-06-03 20.51.54

Dressing up is great, but if you lack time/talent/inclination, I’ve realised you can fake it with the addition of a giant pink alpaca. And I don’t see why an invisible one couldn’t work, too.

So here’s my advice. If you’re ever feeling shy, out of place or a bit lacklustre, try sticking an imaginary giant pink alpaca under your arm. Then lift your head high and face that crazy world!


4 thoughts on “The Pink Alpaca Factor

  1. Hi Lusia! 😀

    I Love cuddly animals! My cat, Sophie loves them too! She treats one them, (a chick with malty orange and red socks) as if it was her baby. She never lets anyone touch it, if you do, she pokes your fingers with her claws. 😀

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