More than a million copies of The Rescue Princesses have been sold

golden shell

The Rescue Princesses series were among the first books I had published. The first book, The Secret Promise, came out in 2012. I’m very proud that more than 1.2 million English language copies have now been sold. That includes books sold in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, as well as here in the UK. Pictured here is the twelfth and last book in the series.

I’m really happy that the series has reached so many readers. If you know someone who likes these stories then they might also like my new book The Storm Dragon which visits a fantasy world where magical animals are under threat. You can read the first chapter on my publisher’s website. http://nosycrow.com/books/secret-rescuers-series/the-secret-rescuers-the-storm-dragon

Here’s the cover:

storm dragon

Sorry that it’s rather a short blog from me today. I’ve been away on holiday and am a little behind with things. If you’re still on halfterm, I hope you’re having a brilliant time!

Paula Harrison



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