A New Name? by Catherine Johnson

This post has been inspired by  Keren David’s blog  about alternative names for her most recent novels, This is Not A Love Story and Salvage //kerendavid.com/ten-alternative-titles-for-tinals-and-salvage/

And as I am terrible at titles I thought I would have a go.

Here’s Caraboo:


1 Girl With Wings

2 Rotten Inside

3 Ladies Love Me

4 A Deal of Blood

5 A Natural Sort of Hankering

6 Save Your Skin

7 We Are All Liars

8 Honest Eyes

9 Unrecognisable Tongue

10 A Wilder Life

And for Sawbones 2 which is being edited right now….

1 Flesh Pulped

2 Human Abbattoir

3 A Grimace or a Look

4 The End of The World

5 Low and Dangerous

6 Tightrope Walkers

7 Trepanning

8 Iron Grey Clouds

9 Influence Machine

10 Dungeons of The Conciergerie

Still can’t find a decent title for that one!.

My WIP however does have a title. For the first time in years I know what this story – if it ever gets finished and then published – will be called. But i’m not telling you yet…

See you next month


The Curious Tale of The Lady Caraboo is published by Random House on July 2nd.

4 thoughts on “A New Name? by Catherine Johnson

  1. Hi Cathrine,

    LOVE all of those titles! 😀

    At the moment, I’m thinking of changing my title of my new story. I think I’m going to call it ‘Promises’ or ‘The Promise.’ It was called, ‘White Shadow’ but I think it needs a smaller title.

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