So…what do you write? Lynn Huggins-Cooper

I get asked this question. A lot. All of the time. I find it quite hard to answer; I ‘um’ and ‘er’ quite a bit, because I write all sorts! I started as a young teacher, answering an ad in the Times Educational Supplement from a company who wanted teachers to write lesson plans for publication. This quickly blossomed into writing books for schools, and home learning – and my career as a writer began. Little did I realise that I’d end up writing features for the Times Ed within a few years…probably a good thing as I wouldn’t have thought I was capable. So – I am an educational writer.


Soon after that, I started sending off manuscripts to publishers for non-fiction for children. Many were published. I wrote for many comics and websites for children too around this time. So – I write non fiction for children.


I had my first picture book published in the US – ‘Alien Invaders’ – with a brilliant illustrator. I have had others published around the world, but am most fond of ‘One Boy’s War’ published by Frances Lincoln. So – I write picture books.


I write series books (such as the ‘Too Ghoul for School’ series, along with Tommy Donbavand; I also write novels for teens, such as ‘Walking With Witches.’ So – I am a fiction writer.


I also write books for adults – mainly self-help books about green lifestyles and downshifting, but also parenting and crafts…do you see my problem? I write articles for newspapers and magazines – I am a features writer for Green Parent Magazine, for example. So – when people ask me what sort of writer I am, I have resolved to stop mumbling and just say ‘one who writes.’


2 thoughts on “So…what do you write? Lynn Huggins-Cooper

  1. Love it! I find myself in the same predicament and that’s one of the reasons why I dislike that so many writers are trying to write to trends. Or model their writing after market best sellers or hot reads. Yes research is important, but it won’t develop your voice, style or individuality as a writer. Nice way to destroy the “box”.

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