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Do you like to win books?

Yes? I like to win books too. A few years back, I won a copy of ‘On Chesil Beach’ by Ian McEwan at a Kids Lit competition – a really nice little hardback. When I see it on my shelf I have a whole bundle of nice thoughts – ‘that was an interesting book’, ‘I won it’, and ‘it was free!’ – not bad, hey? Shoes

You have a chance to win one right now and it couldn’t be easier. I had a sudden fling with competitions this May and I have two going at the same time under my teen book pen name Joss Stirling. Firstly I was inspired by shoes. Here they are. These were bought for a Romantic Novelists Party so I thought I wouldn’t go wrong with the Cinderella approach – and they are surprisingly comfortable. I don’t normally ‘do’ shoes, being more of a flat and suitable-for-walking-the-dog wardrobe. That inspired me to find out what my readers were wearing. So all you need do to enter this competition is to tweet a photo of your feet to me on @jossstirling #greatfeet or add to my Joss Stirling Facebook page. Already had some fab boots and slippers sent in. I’ll end it by Friday.

The second competition has a little more time to run and with a really unique prize.IMG_1221 My Savant series continues in October with ANGEL DARES and I have two signed manuscripts to give away to winners. I’m asking fans to tell what song they think should be the soundtrack if they were to meet one of my characters.  You can find out more details here.

And finally, I’ve started a video blog which answers four questions such as – advice to younger self, most cringeworthy moment, top writing tip and desert island book. You can find that right here.


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