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Never Lie to a Librarian!

Libraries today are lovely places – clean and happy and full of well-behaved readers and book borrowers, right?  So have a look at these rules for library users in Hertfordshire in 1930 –

Library rules 1930[1]

What kind of a place must that library have been, to need those rules?!?  I’m imaging readers coming in with dirt an inch thick on their faces and small pox and dogs – falling asleep everywhere and dribbling food on the books – kicking the furniture – and then, worst of all, LYING TO THE LIBRARIAN!  Chaos!

Just one more reason to value the libraries we have today.  And next time I go into my local library, I’ll be sure to first wash my face.

(I’d like to thank Stephen Stratford for this snippet from the past, from his blog Quote Unquote.)

P.S.  I’m Patron of Reading for the wonderful Queensferry Primary School, and that’s where I’ll be today, so I won’t be able to reply to your comments until this evening – looking forward to it!

15 thoughts on “Never Lie to a Librarian!

  1. MAN: I’d like a pound of sausages please.
    LIBRARIAN: This is a library sir.
    MAN: (whispers) I’d like a pound of sausages please.

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