Why Do I Find It So Hard…

Every single day I vow to do certain things and mostly I don’t do them! I am quite a determined person who has achieved a lot in my life, but there are still these few things that I WANT to do, but seem to FAIL to do on a daily basis…

I know you’re all gagging to know what they are now, so here goes!

I want to get fit but for some reason I am completely resistant to actually getting fit. I dabble with things – I bought a pedometer to measure how many steps I was taking each day but it’s still sitting on my bedside table….I go to yoga once a week but never do any yoga in between even though I swear to my teacher each week that I’m going to…I think about going on long walks but I want someone to go with (walking on my own makes me feel quite depressed) so the days, weeks, months tick by and nothing changes!

I want to stop eating so much sugar! I manage to have a very healthy diet all day, until about 4 in the afternoon and then something stupid happens and I start thinking about chocolate…after that it’s downhill until bedtime…constant snacking on rubbish! I read about being more healthy and think about it and talk about it, but I don’t actually do it!

I want to write my new book, but something is stopping me…I actually have some free time these days where I could be writing, but I somehow manage to find about a million other, entirely unimportant things to do instead. I’m so excited about this book, it’s a great story and I love the characters so what’s the problem?

In short I am a GREAT BIG PROCRASTINATOR and I need help!!!!

I am going to be 50 this year, and I made the mistake of saying by the time I’m 50 I’ll be fit, healthy and writing reams every day! There’s only 5 months to go and it’s all going wrong!!!

Maybe I’m too hard on my self?

Any advice from all of you out there? Or do you all procrastinate as much as me?????


7 thoughts on “Why Do I Find It So Hard…

  1. Hi Anne-Marie šŸ™‚

    This sounds JUST like the same thing I am going though just now. The thing is, I think we should just do things that make us happy, read, watch things that make us laugh and smile, then we might feel better, one day soon, we might get out in the sun and smile more. šŸ™‚

    Today, I’m off to read ‘Alice-B- Lovely’ That book ALWAYS makes me smile when I’m reading it! šŸ˜€

  2. yes maybe 50 is too loaded for any real goals, Greg??? And Laura, I agree with you…I am too hard on myself, having said that, as soon as I posted this, I did 40 minutes of Yoga and am now sitting down to write…whoops, got distracted again, by GHB!

  3. I procrastinate a lot as well. I especially put off jobs where I know I’m going to have to get dirty and jobs that involve any kind of accounting or legal paper work. Of course, i also procrastinate on writing — which is why I have three novels that are well underway, but have been sitting still for months. A good friend of mine who is an attorney is a worse procrastinator than I am. (See it isn’t just us writers). We have a standing joke about how we work hard at trying to find something inane to do just to keep from doing the work that is required of us.

    However, I have made procrastination pay off just a little. A couple years ago I wrote a whole poem about all the things I was doing to keep from getting bored — because I knew that if I got bored enough, I would have to give up and do the work I was supposed to be doing. And just last week I wrote a ridiculous poem about lemons being good for a marriage relationship and posted it on my blog with the explanation that it was the kind of stuff that writers write when they want to do something that helps keep them from doing the things they should be doing.

    And, if fact, I’m responding to this post right now as a way of procrastinating on a job that needs to be done. (SIGH!) You are not alone.

  4. and I’m reading it!!! The whole process of writing my books seems to involve a lot of procrastination, but maybe that’s just the way it works for me??? I’ve managed 6 so far, there’s just so much faffing about!

  5. I have some easy fixes:
    1.Get a dog – you HAVE to walk them – company and motiviation in one furry package.
    2. Switch to dark chocolate (70% cocoa) You can’t eat as much as milk, it’s too overpowering, but you still get the chocolate hit.
    3. Get a timer, I have achicken sent to me by Jackie Morris, set it to twenty minutes and sit down and write until it goes off – you can keep going after if you like!

    You can do it!

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