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In a few words…

Hi everyone!
casson1Recently have I been re-reading the fantastic Casson family books by Hilary McKay. The way one of the characters, David, a reformed bully, was described was so brilliant and word-perfect that I folded down the page to share it with you.

David is described as looking like: ‘a sea creature that a badly cast spell only just managed to turn into a boy.’

How seriously excellent is that?! What is the image of him that you have in your mind now?

I know I’m not the only one who loves to be hit with a great character description. My stepfather recently burst into a room brandishing a book, said, ‘Listen to this wonderful character description!’ and proceeded to read it out with great relish.

So, today I’m going to let my imagination go wild and think up some really imaginative ways of describing people. Some of them will be characters in stories that I’m working on, but perhaps I will also follow my family and friends around, creating character descriptions for them too (ahem – maybe I’ll do that in my head!).

Have a beautiful, creative, character-filled day!


4 thoughts on “In a few words…

  1. I loved the Casson family books! And you’re right, you could get a really clear picture of them with so few words. And David was definitely one of the best characters 🙂

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