Here’s One I Prepared Earlier

I’m in the middle of a writing project right now. I’m at that totally immersed stage where everyday life fades away and I’m living in my story. So it was quite a surprise when last week a new idea popped into my head. At first I ignored it, but the idea was like an annoying gnat. It kept on buzzing at me, day AND night until in the end I was forced to reach for this…


Yes. The new notebook.

Now my idea’s down on paper and it’s started to gather momentum. Already, my notebook is full of scribbles. Characters, plot ideas, locations.

Writing a book is a lot like cooking. You start with an unlikely looking collection of ingredients. You throw them in a bowl, mix them together and add a few things more. Sometimes you take things out and then you put them back in again.


You cook it for a while and if you’re lucky you end up with something good.  Like this crumble I baked at the weekend.


The new idea is still at the ingredients stage.  I’m not sure which ones I’ll use yet or how I’ll mix them together. But with any luck, with a lot of mixing and cooking, I’ll end up with something good. Only not a crumble this time, a book.

Until  that happens, here’s one I prepared earlier.

Ruby and the Royal Baby copy

2 thoughts on “Here’s One I Prepared Earlier

  1. Hi Julie! 😀

    I LOVE writing stories! There is excitement and fear that if it’s it good enough, but, if you like writing it, I think if you try and write it for yourself, the story just shines like magic. 😀 ❤ I'm working on story 2 of my main characters journey, and I've called it, Ruby River. This one has mermaids in it. 😀

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