You’ve got the power!

Last week, I received a lovely thing in the post from someone who came on my ‘Writing the Sweet soul of Spring’ workshop – a postcard with a drawing of a tree in blossom and a poem.

Hand made, especially for me :-)

Hand-made, especially for me 🙂

Around the same time, several people mentioned me in blog posts about a workshop and talk I gave at the Writing Retreat in March.

The Writing Retreat, near Lamorna Cove in Cornwall

The Writing Retreat, near Lamorna Cove in Cornwall

I also discovered some cracking new reviews for my books in amazon.

What a lovely positive review :)

One of my lovely new reviews

All this loveliness was a real tonic for me, as I was recovering from a nasty bout of flu, and it made me notice that, these days, I get a lot of what psychologists call ‘positive strokes’ – kind feedback and encouragement from people who have attended my talks and workshops or read my books and blogs.

Positive strokes are very important for people like writers, who work on their own. Like artists and musicians, writers are always striving to make connections with others, but they only know that they’ve connected if you tell them. Without this connection, it could be a very lonely job.

But it isn’t only creative types who need positive strokes – we all need them and we’re all in a position to give them.

Has anyone inspired or helped you recently? Your mum or dad, maybe, your friend or teacher? Let them know. Write a card, make up a poem, draw a picture, simply say thank-you. Have you read a book you really enjoyed? Send the author an email, or post a review.

Sometimes, young people or those who haven’t got much money can feel they have nothing to give. But the greatest gifts of all are love and appreciation, and they cost nothing.

So make someone’s day today. You’ve got the power!


3 thoughts on “You’ve got the power!

  1. I LOVE to make people happy when they’re feeling down. It’s really nice to help someone in ways that are so simple and kind. 🙂

    The other week, my new friend, Amanda Jennings, had a bad knee, and I said I loved her book, The Judas Scar, and she said thank you, and I made her feel good. That made me feel like I helped someone. 🙂

    • Laura, you’re so right. I meant to include that in my post – how making someone else’s day can make us feel good too 🙂 ps your comments here on ghb are wonderful to read for all us authors on the team. Thank you!

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