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Favourite places in fiction

map RMR

I’ve spent so much time writing about the places in Red Moon Rising that they feel real to me. The story begins in the village of Skellmore which could be almost any village in the UK. There’s a main road, a park, a church and a corner shop. There are short cuts that Laney, the main character, knows really well. There are certain place where she can go when she needs to think. The main one is the River Mistray which runs past the village. There are also places that hold secrets she’s yet to discover, like Hobbin Forest. The map above is in the front of the book, illustrated by Sarah J Coleman.

So I decided to share with you my top three fictional places invented by other authors:

1. Lothlorien from The Lord of the Rings. I have always loved the idea of this elven village in the treetops ruled over by Galadriel. I like the way it’s portrayed as dangerous as well as magical.

2. Avonlea from Anne of Green Gables. OK I have to admit that watching the series on television helped but I did already love Avonlea, I promise. I also love the names that the imaginative Anne gives each place, particularly if she feels the existing name is too boring. Barry’s pond becomes the Lake of Shining Waters. She brings magic to places with the power of her imagination.

3. Camp Half-Blood in the Percy Jackson series. Although there are sometimes enemies at Camp Half-Blood, it’s the one place where Percy truly feels he can be himself.  Some of the most terrifying moments in the books are threats to the Camp because it means so much to him.

It wasn’t easy choosing three. I could probably list twenty more! So what are your favourite places in fiction?

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6 thoughts on “Favourite places in fiction

  1. Great post!
    Even though I’m well into my 30s, one of my favourites is still Howl’s Castle in (surprise, surprise!) Howl’s Moving Castle by Dianna Wynne Jones (1986). The descriptions of the interior are so wonderful and then of course, what’s outside the door changes all the time.

  2. When ANY Author places their story in Devon and Cornwall, I LOVE to read it! I used to go their every year! 😀

    I LOVE Rivendal in LOTR. In Lothlorien, I think I’d be too chicken to go all the way up those stair-tree cases. 🙂

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