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Do I dare?

sirensI appear to have come full circle as a writer this year as far as daring goes. The very first line of the first book I wrote (not the same as the first published) was ‘Go on, I dare you.’ It was said by a seagull to the heroine of The Secret of the Sirens. Connie could communicate with animals, normal as well as mythical, so this was just the start of her adventures. You’ll have to read it to find out what she was being dared to do! That book was a fantasy adventure story for children, first of a quartet about the Secret Society for the Protection of Mythical Creatures. In the first book, Connie has to save a colony of sirens from an oil refinery – and save the oil refinery from the angry sirens – the problem goes both ways! She is helped in this by her friends, especially Col, a companion to the pegasus. So if you like the idea of riding a flying horse, you now have second reason to try the book.

The circle closes with the title of my next book in October, ANGEL DARES, fifth in the YA paranormal series that I’m writing as Joss Stirling about a group of gifted people, savants, and the dangerous paths that lead to their soulfinder, or other half. The series begins with Finding Sky – now translated into about twenty languages worldwide with a lively fan base – with the seriously desirable Zed as the hero, so do give it a go if you read teen books and like romance. I think ANGEL might be my favourite one so far as it is set in a music festival (think Glastonbury by the sea) and the lively main character is a wonderful mixture of Klutz and hero. Writing about her had the strange effect on me that I was more energised and upbeat – a kind of author possession that still makes me smile to think about it.

I’ve just put together a book trailer to tell you about the story. You can see it here on YouTube.

But this has all got me thinking. It’s a good story start, isn’t it, a dare? It could be dark, funny, revealing, nail biting… So if you are looking for an idea to kick off your next piece of writing, what would make a good dare?

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