Doctor Who Day!

Phew! It’s been a manic few weeks. My new Doctor Who comic book launched at the beginning of the month (you can see me introducing it on a little video here), and ever since I’ve been busy doing interviews and signing copies.


tumblr_nknqvx1gd11un4j3ko1_1280Issue one had lots of different covers too, with some towns in Australia, UK and the United States having their own exclusive covers.

One such town was Denton in Texas, USA.

That’s the cover to the right, with the TARDIS landing in front of the local town hall.

The people of Denton were so excited about this, that the Mayor even declared the 4th April Denton’s official Doctor Who Day.

Check out the official mayoral proclamation!


On the day itself, hundreds of people turned up dressed as their favourite Doctor Who characters to have their photo taken with the TARDIS outside the town hall.




There were even some knitted monsters! I love this home-made Ood!


And of course there were lots of people reading the comic!


What a brilliant day!

Have you ever dressed up as your favourite character or thrown a party based on your favourite book? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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