Animal Sanctuaries – Ruth Symes

I love writing aboutspikecover animals – whether it’s real-life based animal stories as Megan Rix or fantasy ones as Ruth Symes. This month sees the launch of my second book in the Secret Animal Society series and is called Spike the Sea Serpent.

piggyThe Sanctuary in the book is a place where secret animals can be safe. But I spend lots of time reading about real-life animal sanctuaries like the elephant one in Tennessee for retired circus and zoo elephants. Have you seen this video of two very old elephants being reunited after 22 years? Hopefully the Born Free Foundation is going to be  able toelesraise enough funds for a European sanctuary although of course the best thing is for elephants, who are able to do so, is to be free and live in the wild. (The oldest elephant at the Tennessee sanctuary was born in 1948!) Then there’s the farm animal sanctuaries. I love hearing about Edgar’s on Facebook and also about Esther the Pig who is so sweet and funny.

Do you like animal stories? The PDSA write an animal story has been extended to 31st May so there’s still time to enter. I’m also running some animal story writing workshops at the St Ives Book Jam in May.

And do you have a favourite animal blog, Pinterest link or Facebook page that I should have a look at? I’d love to hear about it.

See you next month 🙂

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