Our Guest Blogger is Trekking In Pyjamas

Our guest blogger today is the lovely Julia Wills, author of Fleeced, a madcap, mythological but modern adventure starring Aries, the ghost of the ram of the Golden Fleece. Julia’s dropped in to tell us how she went trekking in pyjamas to write the sequel to Fleeced, Rampage.


Recently lots of surveys have asked why so many people want to be writers.

“You can work in your pyjamas!”

“You never have to worry about bad-hair days!”

“You can spend your day beside the Custard Creams tin”.

Excellent answers all, but I have my own. Which is that writing is the best adventure you can have without actually coming eye to eight eyes with a gigantic Amazonian spider.

I’d better explain.

In ‘Rampage!’, the sequel to ‘Fleeced!’ Rose, the feisty London girl who helped Aries and Alex on their earlier quest, heads into the Amazon rainforest in search of her missing father.

How fabulous!

Except that I’ve never been to the rainforest. And so, to tell her story, I had to tie on my jungle-writing boots and stomp into the greenery myself. From my desk, that is, using the Internet, television documentaries and books from the local library.


But oh, what a trip! Sitting on my wooden chair, (yes, in pyjamas!) I toured the Manaus Opera House, gateau-pink, in the heart of the sweltering jungle. I discovered that Potoo birds look like Muppets and that anacondas can swallow a pig whole. I spied bird-eating tarantulas on tree trunks, and tribes, deep in the forest who’d lived there for hundreds of years. I even caught the sparkle of El Dorado, the city of gold, glimmering through the leaves.

And I did it all without upsetting a single sunbathing scorpion or finding myself paddling in caiman-infested water.

Which for me makes writing the best job there is – the invitation to take an epic adventure, wherever and whenever you want – without ever finding a Brazilian Wandering Spider scooching up your ankle.


Great post Julia.  Thanks for stopping by to share your adventures with us. 

Julia and her publisher, Templar, are giving away THREE copies of Rampage HERE at GHB. Why not hop over right now and see if you can win a copy. 

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